Tuam Parish

Dear Parishioners,

                        The new box of offertory envelopes were distributed in recent days. To coincide with the distribution of the new boxes of envelopes, the Parish Finance Committee has published a copy of the Cathedral Income and Expenditure Account for 2022. 

A copy of this report can be viewed on the notice board in the Cathedral Porch. Alternatively, any parishioner can pick up a copy of this information from the Parish Office.

Among the notable items in the report are the following: the most significant income is the offertory collection and the envelopes taken up at the Masses each weekend. 

The most significant increase on the expenditure side of the account is heat and light, which rose significantly in 2022 due to the impact of the war in Ukraine. Along with heat and light, other significant expenses include salaries, insurance, diocesan levy, candles, and altar supplies.

On the income side, the tax rebate under the CHY 3 scheme continues to be a significant source of income. During 2022, we continued to claim the rebate on income received during the Cathedral Restoration Project. The amount received under the CHY3 scheme will likely reduce significantly in 2023 and 2024.

Each week, we receive a significant number of offertory envelopes from surrounding Parishes. In an understanding between Parishes, all envelopes received from outlying parishes are returned unopened to those parishes.

Thank you to our Cathedral Ushers, Money Counters, Envelope Distributors, Parish Finance Committee members and all who help in the financial administration of the Parish.

But above all, thank you, our faithful parishioners who continue to support the work of the Parish each week through your contributions to the offertory collection.

May God reward you for your generosity.

Fr. Pat Farragher Adm.



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